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How Cycling Has Changed My Life

How Cycling Has Changed My Life – Founder Stories

Cycling has been a part of my life for over 15 years. I purchased my first bike in an effort to complete an MS 150 ride with my best friend. She recruited me to do the ride that consisted of riding 150 miles over three days with an overnight campout in the middle. I purchased a hybrid Trek bike (on layaway) and started training for the monumental event. Our training consisted of regular gravel rides to help condition us for the event, riding 150 miles over three days, with a campout in between. Sure, it was an ambitious goal for very novice riders. End the end, my friend ended up going on to complete the event without me, but I had developed a new hobby and passion as a result.

I consider myself a lifelong adventurer. I’m a lover of many outdoors activities including cycling, hiking, camping, and am a tri-athlete. All of these as well as other activities tend to circle in and out of my life, depending on the season. The one thing I can say has been consistent over the last 15 plus years is cycling. No matter the season during the year or season in my life, the greatest feeling continues to be the wind hitting my face during a ride.

As a result, cycling has made some very memorable changes to my life:

Lifelong friendships. When you share a passion or hobby with someone, they hold a special time-independent place in your life. Some of my best friends I could not talk to for an extended period of time and randomly spend a day on a bike with them as if we never skipped a beat.

Health benefits. Regular cycling as a part of an exercise regimen can contribute to overall health benefits including weight management. My preferred distance is around 20-30 miles. The health benefits I have seen due to cycling are quite convincing.

Photo: Bike Tour in Bordeaux, France

Physical strength and conditioning. Cycling exercises the largest muscles in your body. Regular riding helps with strength and conditioning. Often times, you are training yourself to effectively climb inclines, increasing your overall strength.

Added vacation activities. My favorite of all is the endless opportunities to add adventure into your vacation. Your view of vacation from a bicycle is both exciting and rewarding. Book a bike tour or unlock a bike during your next vacation.

It doesn’t take a lot of convincing to see how cycling can greatly enhance your physical and spiritual well-being. Chances are, there is a local recreational, fitness, or competitive cycling group right in your own community. Grab a bike and Pedal-On!

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