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The Latest Obsession with Women’s Cycling Skinsuits

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Whether you’re a beginner, recreational, or avid cyclist, you’ve probably either heard of or seen a female cyclist sporting a cycling skinsuit. Women’s cycling skinsuits are the latest obsession in the cycling wardrobe craze. While being a relatively new obsession in the US, cycling skinsuits are wildly popular in Europe and Latin American countries such as Brazil and Colombia.

Women’s cycling skinsuits are an alternative to the traditional cycling kit that features a jersey and shorts. Cycling skinsuits are highly functional one-piece suits. They are designed specifically for cycling, while incorporating the functionality of a cycling kit, design and style.

Here are a few reasons why everyone is obsessed with women’s cycling skinsuits:

  • Functional. Who doesn’t love a cycling skinsuit with pockets that’s lightweight and breathable?!?

  • Freedom of movement. No jersey ride-ups or shorts playing peek-a-boo!

  • Comfortability. Designed with a woman’s curves in mind!

  • Going the distance. An extremely comfortable chamois/padding that can stand up to even your longest rides.

  • Stylish and sexy. Who says cycling can’t be fun and sexy?

The Brighter, the Bolder, The Better!!!

What are your thoughts on women's cycling skinsuits?

Strong, Bold, Sexy, You!

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